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Cost of Smoking Calculator
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What is a cigarette?

Prepared by wrapping in round shape on paper, no herbivore (sheep, horse, donkey, cow) is a poisonous plant that does not eat creatures containing tobacco, usually 85-100 mm in length and 4-8 mm in width produced.

What are the damages of smoking?

As is known, smoking is definitely harmful to health. Its use can result in death, and can also cause systemic damage to many organs and the entire human body in general. The main damages to the human body are: respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, vascular blockages, destruction of brain cells, decrease in new brain cell production and impotence.

How long does smoking 1 cigarette shorten life?

According to the researches, it is determined that smoking only 1 cigarette shortens human life on average by 11 minutes. This period may increase or decrease due to genetic and other diseases. Accordingly, a person who smokes 1 pack a day shortens the average life of 3-4 hours per day.

What are the poisons in cigarettes?

It contains many carcinogenic substances. The most dangerous of these are arsenic, gasoline, cadmium, hydrogen cyanide, toluene, ammonia and propylene glycol. For example; cyanide is definitely a deadly poison. Some of the other harmful substances are radon, methanol, missile fuel, toluene, thinner, DDT, insecticide, hydrogen cyanide.

How is smoking addictive?

After a while, smoking with euphoria effect reveals physical dependence. According to experts, 3 out of 4 people who try once are dependent.

What can I do to quit?

You can get help from professional institutions.